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May 29, 2013


Hobey has been attempting to nurse on Monte and play with the puppy in the mirror.  He has been unsuccessful with both attempts.  Monte does not find it as amusing as we do.

The Madison area Custom Canines held their training at a restaurant this evening.  We debated whether we would attend because you just never know when and where a puppy will relieve himself. It was a good opportunity for socialization and the worst that could happen is that our trainee would create a mess for us to clean-up.

Upon arriving at Ella's Deli, we made a quick potty stop and waited outside for the rest of the crew to show up.  This allowed us to observe traffic and listen to vehicular sounds.  A screaming motorcycle started Hobey, but he quickly rebounded and continued to approach the road.  He greeted the other raisers, canines, and a few families, crying as they departed.

Inside the restaurant, we stopped briefly inside the entrance to locate a table and then hurried to our seat.  He quickly settled down with his fellow trainees: Sarge, Buck, and Vrona.  Hobey barely moved for the entire hour.

One of the normal triggers for puppy potty time is sleep, so we made an even quicker exit to find the nearest patch of grass.  We circled for a bit in the rain, but he didn't potty until we returned home and he ate dinner.

"A tired dog is a good dog."

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