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May 28, 2013

Hobey Baker

We have been asked how we named our puppy.  He is named after Hobey Baker, the namesake of the award given each year to the nation's best college hockey player.

Our Hobey spent his afternoon walking to/from the park followed by a play date with Juno, Lucien, and Lorenz. Juno is Lazlo's service dog.  The boys kept the dogs occupied by emptying the balls out our garage: twelve golf balls, seven tennis balls, ten baseballs, six lacrosse balls, and one basketball. Hobey, Juno, and Monte were exhausted after chasing balls and each other for ninety minutes.

We spent the evening at the Janesville Mall with four other service dogs in-training.   They practiced their obedience while our prime objective was socialization, canine and human.  Hobey far surpassed our goal of meeting ten new people every day.

He slept five straight hours last night !!

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