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May 27, 2013

Never Too Early to Start

Smart Dog? It didn't take him long to find that shortest route to the water bowl is through the food bowl.

We started Hobey's obedience training today by "loading" the marker word. Instead of providing a bowl of food, we feed him a piece of food by hand. However, before distributing each piece we said the marker word, "YES".  This way the association with the "YES" will be positive and we can use it to mark correct/appropriate behavior.

Our puppy is taking a lot of our time, but Monte still needs his fun time and exercise.  In order to use my time more efficiently, Hobey comes with us to the park.  As I mentioned the other day, he can't walk the entire time so I carried him.  Well today I brought along a canvas shopping bag to tote him in.  It was much easier and he appeared comfortable.

Our socialization included greeting dogs with humans at the park and a quick trip to the drug store. For puppies this young, these trips resemble our walks through the neighborhood; we let him explore and take us where he wants to go. 

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