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May 26, 2013

First Night

New Puppy = Sleep Deprivation + Revamped Schedule.

Having been through this many times before, albeit the last time was almost two years ago, we tried to prepare for the first night.  Hobey, aka Glenn, was introduced to the crate for his daily naps. One new approach this time; we have placed a second crate in the living room.

Knowing that someone was going to have to be up every three hours, we adjusted our sleep schedule.  I volunteered to handle the first few and stayed up until 3 am.  Lisa did the 5 am potty break and Hobey wanted a snack. Then I took our two canines for a walk before their breakfast at 7 am. Returned to bed and I slept past noon.

We delayed our Saturday trip to the grocery store until today.  Lisa was going to go by herself, but I figured it would be good to introduce our trainee to a new environment and to many new people.  My plan was to make it as far as we could and then sit on a bench in the front of the store to observe and greet people. After housebreaking, socialization is the primary training activity at this stage. We made it through the produce section before his desire to follow took over.  Hobey and I patrolled the front of the store and to the neighboring Walmart while Lisa shopped.  It provided ample time to explore and meet the customers and employees that couldn't resist his cuteness.

He did good for an eight week old puppy. We prefer to wait until the puppy is ten weeks old because they learn faster and quickly transition to sleep through the night. There is a reason puppies are so cute.  We wouldn't put up with all this if they weren't  :-)

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How do you pronounce his name?