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May 30, 2013

Out for a "Walk"

Hobey's travels today took him to our local bike shop (LBS), Oregon Bike and Skate.  Our tandem bicycle finally made it home after it journey to Utah.

After the LBS, we needed to get a dose of the Bordetella nasal spray to prepare for puppy play group.  He met a few folks before entering Farm and Fleet and followed a group inside the building. He cried when they turned and we chose not to follow.  In addition to the nasal spray we got some flea/tick medicine and the rest of his puppy vaccinations (DHPP).

Before we made our way home, Hobey met our first autism service dog, Cooper, who wasn't overly impressed with our new trainee. They spent a little time playing in the yard before we made it home for Hobey's afternoon nap, followed by a "walk" to the park.

Highlight - He wasn't phased by the thunder and lightning

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