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October 28, 2010


Our first puppy, Buddy, attended a Bruce Springsteen concert in Chicago. Then about a year later, Echo attended a concert on the lakefront in Milwaukee. Unfortunately, Bruce has not been on tour recently, however, "Bruce in the USA", a tribute band was in Madison on Wednesday night.

Monte couldn't tell the difference and tolerated the crazy humans who were dancing around him and making noise. It was a tough challenge for the ever vigilant young puppy that sees the slightest movement and hears the faintest sound.

Having not prepared him for the experience with a long walk to tire him out, he was only mildly distracted by the excitement and energy. The first few rounds of applause and the higher pitch of the saxophone were the only sounds that caused a reaction. And after the show he received some praise and affection from the audience and owner of the Majestic.

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