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October 21, 2010

Dinner Out

Monte's development in public dining situations has been hampered by our limited use of restaurants this summer. So add another work item to our puppy raising list, which we jump started this week.
The first opportunity took place after our last outdoor puppy class of the year. It helps to have a tired puppy when initiating a puppy's restaurant visits. Our entire puppy class took over Fins restaurant in Edgerton. Monte and his canine companions behaved well, without incident.

The following night, we ventured into Madison to dine with Anne, Matt, and Frannie. As Monte relaxed tableside, he kept one eye focused on Frannie, who turned one next week. Puppies have a symbiotic relationship with babies; the puppy endures poking and prodding in return for bits of food that fall or are tossed from the highchair.

As food rained down from the heavens, I had to remind Monte to LEAVE IT alone. He does pretty well with constant reminders. My task of providing direction was completed with only one miscue where Monte lunged to get a rice puff before I was able to correct him. Eventually he either got bored or resigned himself to the fact that I was not going to fail twice and he stretched out and rested.

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