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October 31, 2010

Raising Funds

As a puppy raiser for a young non-profit, our first obligation is to raise an obedient and confident puppy. Our second job is fund raising and promoting OccuPaws. This week Monte attended three fund raising events at HuHot, Ruffin' It Resort, and Boston Store. Some view these events as a necessary evil to fund our cause, but in my view these events serve a dual role by providing opportunities to work our puppies in social situations. We attend as many as we possibly can.

The event/party at Ruffin' It Resort this week was different than most because along with the usual interactions with humans, we practiced canine interactions - costumed canines. Thirty minutes before the event, we made a quick stop for a dog costume. Looking for a halo or devil horns (more appropriate), we found none. We haphazardly selected some blue hair dye, glow in the dark, and painted spots on Monte; the dye wasn't even dry before we left the house. As expected the contest was held in a well-lit environment and Monte simply looked like he dislodged a gallon of blue paint from a shelf, splattering him as it hit the ground.

Needless to say, Monte did not win any prize for the costume contest, however, he excelled at bobbing for hot dogs. It took him about a second to retrieve the sausage from the bottom of the bowl. Casey, on the other hand, cautiously moved the hot dog to the surface before gracefully retrieving it, always the lady.

One of our favorite events is "selling" Bon-Ton coupon books for Community Day. Weeks prior to the sale, we are allowed to "sell" coupons at the store entrance. I place the "sell" in quotes because my objectives are to share a smile petting puppies and be an ambassador for OccuPaws by talk about OccuPaws and explaining puppy raising. With every interaction we achieve these objectives and if we sell a coupon book even better.

Two hours disappear in the blink of an eye. It's so much fun, I would do this all day if they would let us.

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