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October 1, 2010

CGC Practice

There is always something to be working on when you have a guide dog puppy. At OccuPaws training class we did a practice Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test. We have never had any issues getting a dog through the ten steps.

Before the practice, I knew that Monte would have an issue with the dog to dog greeting. We have been working on this a little and I gave him a 50% chance to get through it - until I saw the other dog. It was a carbon copy of Monte's neighborhood nemesis, a small white dog. He eagerly greets other dogs, but this was prey. No way would he pass.

He didn't fail to meet my expectations. Our puppy failed this task miserably and he wouldn't sit still when greeting a stranger. We have a week to whip him into shape before the official test. The trainers in their infinite wisdom have scheduled a remedial session for Monte.

This evening we practiced ignoring other dogs as they walked past. I believe that I can get him to pass the CGC test. Even if we pass the test next week, Monte's puppy raisers will need to be diligent in calmly handling greeting for the next couple of months until it becomes a habit.

Our goal is not to pass the CGC test, but to raise a well balanced, well-behaved dog.

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Meghan said...

Your post really helped me. Of course I hope Dayton passes, but you're right, these two still have a lot of time to pass, and the goal is to raise a well-manored dog. I shouldn't worry so much about Dayton's performance, but rather work to improve it, and if I do, I'm doing my job. Thanks for this post.