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October 25, 2010

Weekend Tour

Monte's tour of health care facilities didn't have a good beginning. He helped move Lisa's mom into an assisted living apartment on Friday. The result was one barking episode and a damaged vest; he chewed one of the straps. We had the unenviable task of requesting a new vest because we weren't watching our puppy. Hopefully our resident seamstress can make the necessary repair. Maybe we should have asked for a used one until he completes his second teething cycle.

Saturday began with a long early morning walk in preparation for the afternoon's event. It didn't help as Monte napped until noon and was raring to go. We stopped for a quick ice cream to practice table manners. Good manners with the exception of a newly acquired bad habit. Our little "angel" never licked the floor when dining until he observed this behavior from naughty Harley a few weeks ago.

We arrived at the bowling alley for the annual OccuPaws fundraiser, completely forgetting that it was a costume party. Monte noticing our disappointment, sans costume, he imitated a spoiled brat, whining and crying because he wasn't allowed to play with balls and pins. A very long embarrassing day.

The one bright spot was meeting one of Monte's best friends. The boy said that Monte gives him kisses. Lisa and I both looked at each other trying to put a name with a face. We meet so many people, but we usually recognize fans of our puppy. It turns out that Bennett reads the blog and had never met Monte in person. And we didn't get a photo for the blog - sorry our camera battery needs to be replaced.

The weekend tour wrapped up with two more health care visits: an assisted living apartment and nursing home in Appleton to visit my grandmothers. Monte made a few unscheduled stops to greet a few residents as we walked through the hospice wing. He seems to be able to control/adapt his energy to the person he meets.


Anonymous said...

The little boy you are referring to is Bennett :) He loves looking at the blog photos, and Monte is his favorite. I think he likes saying his name. We often hear "Oh, my Monteee" when he is looking at the pictures. Who knows? Maybe Monte will become a CVCD dog and join our family someday.

Puppy Raiser said...

Bennett! It was such a pleasure to meet you & your family. Are you planning to come to our costume party Oct 28 at Ruffin' It Resort? Monte will be there, but you may not recognize him in his costume! Next time we see you, we will be sure to take your picture so you can see it on the blog!
Love, Monte and Lisa & Jeff.