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October 27, 2010


You would think that we had installed an ice rink the past week. Monte has been skating around corners the last few days. It started this weekend at my parents house. Not sure what happened but he is having trouble maneuvering on the wood floors. He will cautiously move from rug to rug to carpet. When turning on the wood he looks like Fred Flintstone powering his car with his feet moving a hundred miles an hour and he's going nowhere.

It is becoming a phobia, so we need to work through this quickly. He seems to understand that he just needs to slow down, but when he forgets and slips a bit, then he panics and becomes Bambi on ice.


Barb and Harley said...

It must be his long legs! I saw him the other day, and he looked like he a definitely grown.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Hailey does that too...except she does it at Memorial Union on the marble floors. She eventually figured out she needs to slow down before turning. Once she slid right into a flight of stairs and didn't get her feet under her until she hit the first step.