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8/4 Lake Mills
8/12 CCSDA Training

October 4, 2010

Picture Perfect

We had to make a dog food run on Sunday, so we stopped in to see Gordy who was greeting people at Mounds. As his first shift was ending, we were able to provide his transportation to his second engagement at Culver's. Cute puppies are in high demand.

Monte and Gordy met their pack members for lunch and we all practiced obedience while greeting the friendly customers. Photo opportunities with canines is never easy, but especially difficult with younger pups. View some outtakes here.

Monday night was the first of three training classes this week. Tonight's class was only for those needing extra work for the CGC test. It wasn't explicitly said, but it was clear that the training was more for the puppy raisers than the puppies. After working through greetings with four "strange" dogs, the puppies and raisers were performing adequately. Monte has a 50-50 chance of passing the test on Thursday.