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May 5, 2011

Dog Therapy

Aahhhhh! What a way for a hardworking guide dog in training to spend a warm, sunny spring day but sprawled out on the grass with adoring hands all over you.

This is how Monte spent yesterday afternoon on the UW campus. It was all part of the University Health Service's annual Pet Therapy Day as a way to ease the stress of the students entering into the angst of final exams. Along with about a dozen other mostly friendly canines, including Chancellor Biddy Martin's miniature pooch, Monte was joined by OGDA "babies" Ajax and Angus and Monte's "kindred spirit" Louie. It is quite amazing how just petting a dog has been proven to lower blood pressure and pulse rates and overall ease stress.

It obviously had the intended therapeutic effect; the UW students enthusiastically interacted with the dogs, many of them making return visits and relating stories about how homesick they were for their own pets at home. We actually took the OGDA training jackets off the dogs because the students loved to be right on the ground with them and didn't mind at all that they came away covered in dog hair and grass stains and drool! Monte has no idea what a final exam is, but he will willingly offer himself up for pet therapy any time.


A Caes said...

I got detailed reports from some of the students I work with about the OccuPaws dogs there and how much they enjoyed getting some time to pet the creatures. One noted that there was even one who "wasn't black"...I guess still a bit of a novelty after the few generations of almost all black dogs in training.

Kelsey Mehlhoff said...

I am so excited that a group of therapy dogs are coming to visit my dorm tonight at UW Madison. However, I am sorry that I missed seeing the Occupaws pups.

Puppy Raiser said...

Our offer to bring Monte or another puppy to your location for "therapy" is sincere. If you need a puppy fix, this year or next fall, let us know and we can make arrangements.