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May 23, 2011

Play Ball

Now that our camera has been fixed there will be plenty of photos to accompany my ramblings. All it needed was a new battery. Unfortunately, this also means longer posts as I struggle to fill the space next to each photo.

We made our annual trek to Miller Park this weekend. This was old hat for Monte; he also attended last year's event. He wasn't the least bit distracted by the eight foot sausage and only mildly distracted by the scavenging gulls. We used to be partial to chorizo, now our favorite is the hot dog.

Try as we might to get Monte to appreciate America's pastime, he still prefers the fast pace of hockey. Our experience reinforced the old adage, "A tired dog is a good dog." After spending a long day at the beer garden on Saturday, he was calm and relaxed all day today.

Try as she might to get Monte's attention throughout the entire game, the young girl seated in front of us failed to win his favor. She was excited if he would glance her way. She had to show everyone that walked by where the puppy was. Only the fireworks to celebrate the Brewer's win were able to get his attention.

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