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May 25, 2011

Where's the Food

In an attempt to make dinner time even more fun for Monte, we have started playing a new game, hide-and-seek. It was mentioned in Cesar Millan's newsletter this week as a way to encourage the dog to problem solve and as a result, build confidence.

We practice the SIT STAY while preparing his breakfast and dinner. Then I find an out of the way location to place his food bowl. Returning to Monte, I release him and ask him to find his food. The first few times were relatively easy, but have been getting progressively more difficult. He seems to be using his eyes more than his nose.

We have been doing this with toys for quite some time now. Depending on Monte's reaction and level of excitement, we may have to limit it to toys. Dinner time has always been high excitement and this may increase his energy, which is the opposite of what we planned to do.

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