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May 29, 2011

Ice from Heaven

Saturday was a great day to work in the yard before the heat of summer sets in on Monday. Monte gnawed on bones and sticks while supervising our landscaping. He remained quiet while most of the neighborhood canines were barking - even when sequestered indoors for a bit. Although he wanted to be outside, no whining. It was also perfect weather for exercise, so he went for a run, walked downtown for lunch, and had a free run in the park. He was completely exhausted before the sun went down.

Stayed inside most of the day today, waiting for the rain to pass. This left us free to have a puppy spa day: nails, ears, brushing. The rain finally ended, but released one burst of hail before the skies cleared. This was a perfect time to introduce Monte to hail. Being pelted by the "ice from heaven" didn't bother him. I feed him a few pieces of hail before he figured out where they were coming from. He then hurriedly consumed as much ice as he could before it melted. Through our system of rewards, we have inadvertently encouraged a passion for ice cubes and carrots.

Monte and I went for a quick run before dinner to burn off some energy. Having been cooped up all day, we extended our walk. Feeling brave and trusting my canine companion, I opted to walk around the block sans leash. He noticed birds, a cat, and dogs, but remained within a six foot radius - the length of his leash. We have been practicing for this by dropping the leash while on walks. As soon as he realizes that he has moved outside the perimeter, he bounds back to my side. There is still hope.

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