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May 22, 2011

Old Friends

Being one of OccuPaws' signature fund-raising events, Puppies on Parmenter is vital to raising money to pay bills and develop community awareness. Puppy Raisers share stories, discuss training, and have a good time. It provides an opportunity to see old friends and make new ones.

The highlight of our day was reconnecting with our second puppy, Echo, and his family. Even though I haven't seen him in two years (he does send a Christmas card), he may have remembered me. As a puppy raiser it is important to know that the dog which you helped raise is happy, healthy and enjoying life. Many thanks to Echo and his family for sponsoring this event and wishing them all the best as they add a human pack member.

In addition to the puppies that we have raised, it is always nice to see our graduate teams. Allison and Gilbert, our first external team, were in attendance. Allison made a point of visiting us. She reads about Monte, but had not seen him until Saturday. It was amazing to me that this team has been together for almost three years now - time flies.

Another old friend that we see occasionally is Abbey. We spent time with her when she started her training last winter. She was always a smart little girl, but defiant, which doesn't appear to have changed. Don't let the photo fool you.

Bristol and Biscuit are two of most recent litter. Bristol, a tiny little thing, was very scrappy. Biscuit, although appearing clean in the photo, failed to avoid any of the puddles as she walked around the terrace. Remember, yellow labs are not dirtier than their black siblings, they just let you know.

On our walk we interacted with so many wonderful business owners, dog walkers, and volunteers. I want to thank them all, but one in particular stood out(not just because we won a raffle bag). The staff of Middleton Veterinary Hospital welcomed all the dogs and walkers with fresh water, coffee, treats, and a well-stocked gift bag. As difficult as it might be, I bet that they take even better care of their patients.

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Puppy Raiser said...

Have to comment a little more on Echo; we cannot say thank you enough to his family for coming to the event. It was just wonderful seeing you all together and hearing about Echo's life now. Anyone who loves a dog and gives him away wishes only 1 thing; that the family he goes to loves & cares for him as much as we did. There is not a doubt for Jeff and I that Echo truly has his family and has a prominent place within it. Heidi & Paul are genuine and lovely people & they adore Echo. It doesn't get much better than that! He will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you to Heidi and Paul & Blessings on the upcoming arrival of Baby!