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May 8, 2011

Gentle Reminder

We attended the third annual Bark for Life event to raise money for canine and human cancer research. It was held in our backyard, figuratively; only a short five block walk. The event was not well attended, participation has declined every year. Without being involved with the event, we would not have heard about it.

It was a good opportunity to work on dog distractions and incorporate our new training tool. We were provided with a Gentle Leader. It includes a strap that goes over the dog's nose, so it requires some getting used to on the dog's part. We worked on it with Monte a little yesterday and again this morning.

Not sure about the reason for the shift to this collar. However, it worked amazingly well and Monte walked at my side or was lagging behind the entire time. He was not interested in any of the birds or squirrels that crossed our path. All he wanted to do was remove the pesky strap from his nose: shaking his head, pawing at his nose, rolling in the grass.

1 comment:

Theresa said...

That is one of the reasons for the shift in training tools, the dog focuses better on what you want and not as much on the distractions.