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May 18, 2011

I ♥ Long Lead

Your first thought might be to question my photography skills. It is generally not a good idea to photograph your subject from the rear. Although apparently random shots of a puppy out for a walk, each picture provides visual proof that we are making progress on our homework assignment.

The first shows Monte in a SIT STAY - no big deal. However, in the past he would rotate his body 180 degrees when I walked behind him. Although he periodically checks back over his shoulder, he remained stationary.

Part of homework was to have Monte obey commands from a distance and using words only, no visual cues. At the end of the long lead, fifty feet, Monte is responding to the commands SIT, DOWN, and STAND without prompting. We finished up with a STAND STAY and then I pushed the envelope and walked behind him.

Feeling good with our efforts, we decided to spice things up. We have enhanced the standard COME with a DOWN command at the midpoint. Initially this was difficult because he was moving so fast and ended up DOWN at my feet. We had to work on slowing him down and then the midway DOWN was easier.

I love the long lead as it allows us to work at a distance with natural distractions, yet maintain physical control and safety. The downside is that Monte knows that the lead is still attached.

Our final exercise was SIT STAY and then a STAND STAY as I gently applied pressure with the lead. Monte remained still as I walked around him keeping the lead taut.

Not very exciting, but like Marlene says, "Training is Boring", "Repetition, Repetition, Repetition".

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