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August 3, 2011

Back on the Farm

Thanks to the steroids, Monte's has stopped licking his paw and he looks to be completely healed. Another two days of antibiotics just to keep any infection at bay before we build up his immune system with probiotics.

Due to babysitting and work, Monte has not been out to the farm in three weeks. The pigs seemed to have forgotten him and he was too excited to greet our farmer, Kristen. So he worked on STAY this evening, while we picked a bag of basil - making pesto tomorrow.

UPDATE: Some people may think that we are always prepared and carry everything we need in Monte's backpack. It does contain extra bags, cleaning supplies, leash, collars, etc. However it doesn't help when it is sitting on the counter with his vest and leash. We pulled into the farm and noticed that we had failed to bring anything with us. We just loaded Monte in the backseat and hurried to the farm.

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