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August 10, 2011

Dark Night

Yesterday we were without electricity starting at 4pm. When I arrived home after work we couldn't do most of our normal activities. No cooking dinner, watching television, or working on the computer. Without a plan, we searched for a training opportunity for Monte. Is it normal to plan your life around social interactions for your puppy?

A few household appliances needed replacing so we took Monte shopping. He behaved extraordinarily well as I carried a microwave oven through the store and to the car while wrangling him. An additional stop at the grocery store where we met a family that loved Monte, may result in some new puppy raisers. Note: A trip to the grocery store may be ill advised when you do not have electricity and have no idea when it will return.

Upon returning to our dark home, we needed to eat. Monte and I fired up the grill and did some off leash work in the front yard while the sun was still shining. As we ate by candlelight, Monte remained close. He was either afraid of the dark or sensed Lisa's apprehension. Probably the latter as he stayed close to her.

All in all Monte enjoyed the night of darkness. Without any distractions, we had time to take him for an extra walk. Then just before bedtime, the power was restored.

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