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August 27, 2011

First Impression

After a morning of running and walking, we spent a few hours this afternoon at the Ducks for Dogs fundraising event. It was the trainer's first opportunity to observe Monte in public. I take full responsibility for creating a lousy first impression.

As we approached the OccuPaws pack, Monte was a tad excited which requires a little restraint, however, I had attached the leash to the lightweight "tag ring" and not the collar. The ring broke and Monte was free. He ran to personally greet every canine and human. Careless mistake, it could have been much worse.

Mark graciously shared a birthday treat with everyone and a few hit the floor. I grabbed one from the ground and proceeded to test Monte by dropping it in front of him. Generally, he will not touch the item. However, the snack bounced backward toward Monte and before I could tell him to LEAVE IT, it was in his mouth. Figuring it was a one gulp treat I lost, but the trainer jumped up and was able to rescue a half eaten morsel, claiming victory.

Monte spent the majority of the time obsessed with flies. He tracked their movements and waited for the perfect chance to attack. This too is not guide dog-like behavior. According to the trainer this is a learned behavior, so again I take full responsibility for creating a bigger hole for Monte to climb out of as he attempts to become a guide dog.

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