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August 7, 2011

Gopher Hunting

Like most weekends, Saturday started with a run and ended with a late night potty break. Sandwiched between those two events were the uncommon: four hour car ride, lunch at a restaurant, elevator rides, wedding, and party complete with conga line.

We didn't pack all Monte's supplies, so we improvised. The ice bucket makes a classy water bowl. It only look a few attempts before he stopped looking for hot dogs or ice. However, that's all it takes to spill half the water on the floor.
Tip: always use the plastic bag provided with the ice bucket.

We walked the University of Minnesota campus in the afternoon. This served two purposes. First, we fulfilled our exercise quota for the day. Secondly, this allowed Monte to hunt and chase those pesky Gophers. Being summer there weren't as many around.

Tired from Gopher hunting, we arrived at the church (without air conditioning) for the wedding and Monte relaxed quietly on the cool tile floor. Although difficult to see in the photo, he was dressed appropriately for the occasion with a red bow tie.
Tip: remove the flat collar to avoid jingling in quiet settings.

The reception offered many challenges: fast paced waiters and children, bits of food on the floor and under the table, and celebratory lights and sounds. Monte received nothing but compliments throughout the evening, because the table cloth provided stealth for his attempts to clean the floor.

The most intriguing sounds of the evening came from our bed. The Sleep Number system makes some very distracting noises when inflating or deflating. Monte's head was performing the classic head tilt as I found my personal Sleep Number.

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Puppy Raiser said...

We want to thank our beautiful niece Kristina and new husband Christian for allowing Monte to attend. We all had a lot of fun!