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August 24, 2011

Right Stuff

Monte hasn't started harness training and I can only assume that he is still in the evaluation mode to determine if he has the "Right Stuff". After only six preliminary training sessions with the guide dog trainer, his behavior on walks has been improving. Partly due to the trainer's knowledge, her daily feedback, and our reinforcement.

Every day Monte comes home with a new item to work on - our homework. It is great to get a hands-on assessment of his neighborhood behavior with feedback to correct it. Two weeks before he reaches his turn in age, eighteen months; I wish we had gotten some help sooner.

Although improvement has been observed, new flaws are emerging on a daily basis and the prospect of Monte's success is diminishing. However, his breeder has always said that his line matures late, around 24 months, so maybe he will get a second chance. As the trainer determines if Monte has the "Right Stuff", unsuccessful puppy raisers, like us, are faced with the inevitable decision: If he washes out, will Monte become our forever dog?

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