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August 29, 2011

Boot Camp

It has been exactly one year since Monte has been away from "home". He has spent the last 365 consecutive days with Lisa or myself. Wherever we went Monte accompanied us. Today he goes to camp for five days. Attending camp with Louie and Wilbur, we will definitely miss him more than he will miss us.

This morning our "dog walker" stopped by for Monte's morning walk (45 minutes) before beginning a five day boot camp in an attempt to harness his prey drive. Well, after only fifteen minutes the trainer returned. She had experienced one of Monte's critter episodes and immediately ended the walk; it was time to take him away.

Having identified this issue early on and lacking the skills/knowledge to fix it, we knew this day would come. We only hoped it would be sooner than eighteen months into the process, but finally someone else has seen the behavior, is concerned, and can try to help. Monte's future as a guide dog hangs by a frayed thread.

If Deanne can resolve this issue, she is truly a miracle worker. We can only wish her the best of luck and promise our full support upon Monte's return.

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Kristin said...

You can do it, Monte! Apple and I are rooting for you (and Linus and Wilbur too).