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8/4 Lake Mills
8/12 CCSDA Training

August 18, 2011


We made our weekly trip to the farm last night and Monte worked on STAY, once again. He is doing well with the many distractions: pigs, bugs, birds, and children. When he breaks his Stay, he is following us. He appears to be having a difficult time with separation or not being together.

Once again in the U-Pick garden, Monte assumed the "U" meant him and he helped himself to a couple jalapeno peppers when I wasn't looking. I thought that hot peppers might be useful to prevent licking, biting, or eating inappropriate objects. It doesn't look like that would work for him. Once home, we gave him a small pepper for dessert and he ate the whole thing. Initially he left the seeds, which are supposed to be hotter, but five minutes later they had disappeared too.

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