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December 1, 2011

CGC Prep

At training class last night, we were practicing for Cooper's Canine Good Citizen test. He did amazingly well with greetings and STAYs. I was pleasantly surprised because he is approaching the Terrible Fives, as demonstrated by his increasing defiance. Maybe the long walk during lunch helped his settle down and focus. As a reward, we were provided raw beef bones to enjoy at home.

You know the teenager phase or Terrible Fives are approaching when teeth are disappearing from the puppy's mouth and showing up on the floor or in Monte's mouth. Yes, I caught Monte chewing excessively the other day and had him DROP it. Out popped one of Cooper's molars. I found another molar the middle of the living room. I think he only has the canines left.

There are a few good things associated with the teenager phase. Once his teeth are all in, we can start using the same food for both dogs. An opportunity to practice patience and become a better dog trainer. The only real benefit, though not really a benefit is that it is only a phase and will eventually end. If you remain calm, you can make it through the phase while maintaining your sanity. The end result is a good puppy.

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