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December 18, 2011

Silly Yak

Saturday began with the first real snowfall of the year. Cooper enjoyed this new form of precipitation so much he refused to COME in the house.

Most of our day was spent training in the Silly Yak and Bread Barn Bakery. The owners were kind enough to let four puppies invade their store for yet another opportunity to provide information and raise funds. Five trainees (Brillo, Cooper, Curry, Halo, and Packer) were in attendance.

It was Cooper's first day (public) with the pronged collar and it made a big difference - no lunging and jumping. He calmly greeted customers/staff and shared space with his fellow trainees. His mind wanders when distracted or tired, so we became more lenient as the day progressed.

The Silly Yak portion of the bakery prepares Gluten Free (GF) food. After spending some time in the bakery, we couldn't figure out why is the GF bakery was called Silly Yak. The answer was quite obvious after it was explained. People who have Celiac (Silly Yak) Disease cannot tolerate the gluten protein.

After six hours, the puppies were exhausted and it was time to head home. Once again we each received a goodie bag of product samples, human and canine, which made the whole day worth it :-)

A big Thank You to Lexy for coordinating the fund raiser.

Many thanks to Holly and Miguel for the opportunity, their hospitality, and GF education.

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