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December 26, 2011

Holiday Travels

Friday: Packing for two dogs takes the same amount of time as for one. Our only issue was crating. Should we take the steel (heavy) or the nylon (portable)? We took a chance and opted for the nylon. It was Cooper's first experience with the potable crate and he was initially cautious. He only had a few roll-over accidents. Monte was crate-less and spent the night in bed with my sister. Note: Having a dog that does not shadow you throughout the day, I recommend a steel crate for when he needs to be crated while visiting. We trust Monte, but were not sure if he would resist the temptation of edible Christmas presents if left alone.

Saturday: Early walk and feeding to prepare for a long day. Cooper's first visit to the assisted living facility in Appleton was without incident until another dog walked past. Monte barked once and Cooper wanted to welcome him. After dinner, both dogs opened their presents: toys and bones, before driving home.

Sunday: On the road again. This time we headed South. Monte was exiled in his holding cell at home, while Cooper attended Christmas in Platteville. Unclear which dog got the better deal.

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