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December 19, 2011

Labor of Love

Over the last five years we have had many interesting encounters with the public. But, I have never gotten used to people thanking us for what we do, because it is a true labor of love.

Today, we were out for a walk and a car pulled up next to us, stopped, and the driver rolled down his window. Thinking he was asking for directions, I was surprised as he expressed how much he appreciated what I was doing. This was definitely a odd occurrence because I was walking Monte at the time; he was appreciative that I was taking good care of my pet. This event will stay with me forever and I just wanted to pass along his sentiments to those of you that raise service dogs and those that treat their pets like family.

On our walks today we had to make friends with a few foreign objects. From two doors down Monte became fixated on an object and we stopped to confront the pile of snow. Not sure why it bothered him, but it has been a long time. Cooper has an aversion to (big) dogs barking. To alleviate this we have been walking past our neighbor's house daily. He no longer panics upon hearing them while out in the yard. He has been troubled by some of the Christmas decoration, one specific nativity in particular, so we have a daily visit with Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

As Caroline says, "Hug Your Dog".

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