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December 14, 2011

Sleeping In

The past two mornings I have been sleeping in. The weather has been a contributing factor, but the major factor was that I am "training" Cooper to be a Bed Dog. He doesn't like to cuddle or snuggle; he tries to find a corner where he can rest undisturbed. This would be great if he was to remain with us, however part of his future job will be to provide sleep assistance for an autistic child. The goal will be to get him to sleep while resting near feet/legs to provide comfort and security.

Now Monte on the other hand like to cuddle too much. He will throw himself next to you with his belly in the air while trying to lick you to provide encouragement. This is after he leaps, from the floor, on top of you, which isn't as bad if it is expected, but not very pleasant in the middle of the night. Eventually he finds a spot more conducive to sleeping - at the foot of the bed.


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A Caes said...

Learning to sleep in bed does take some time...Hailey still sometimes kerplunks herself on top of me in the middle of the night when rearranging herself. She also fell out of bed once (three feet drop) after which she decided that I could have that side of the bed and she would take the wall.