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December 22, 2011

Vet, Fetch, and Tandem

Took Cooper to the veterinarian for his first official visit. We have been taking him to the office to check his weight and familiarize him with the setting without any stress. He gained two pounds in two weeks, now that he has stopped sharing his food. Speaking of worms, it was time for his second dose of deworming medicine - just to make sure. The veterinarian (no issues) also does a health examination: eyes, ears, nose, ...

He also received his rabies vaccination. While paying the bill, Cooper was very interested in the clinic cat, so he crept closer to better investigate. The cat purred and Cooper stopped dead in his tracks. He didn't want anything to do will the "hissing" creature - more work to do to familiarize our charge with the feline persuasion.

In the afternoon to supplement his exercise, we crated Monte so as not to be disturbed and played fetch. His retrieving skills are much better when not antagonizing or fleeing Monte. I rolled the ball, he brought it back, he dropped it, he sat, sometimes I asked him to WAIT, and we repeated the process for fifteen minutes.

To minimize my time today I decided to try walking our tandem of dogs at the same time. Separately they are no trouble, but together would require constant attention. Not expecting any huge difficulty, my concern was having only one pronged collar. At about three o'clock Monte starts anticipating, so he is generally excited and began the walk with "power steering". As he settled into a comfortable pace, Cooper was distracted and needed to focus, so we swapped collars. We finished our hour long jaunt without issue, but I was mentally exhausted.

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