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December 27, 2011


Monte has been adjusting well to less exercise and very limited off-leash time. We are running and walking through the neighborhood and when we do go to the park he is leashed. Our plan is to work his mind more than his body and it appears to be working.

It turns out that he wasn't anticipating a walk at 5pm, he wanted to eat dinner. So he is fine with a short walk and a full bowl.

We took Cooper out for some post Christmas sales and then stopped by to visit his pals Mac and Griff. With limited interaction with children, these sessions with well behaved children create positive experiences which prepare him for his future assignment. He played fetch outside with his new Chuckit! toy (the boys taking turns). Inside he was exposed to the sights and sounds of boys' toys and he returned their affection with kisses of his own.

Cooper was so tired that Lisa and I went out shopping by ourselves - dogless.

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