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February 16, 2012

Bowl Goal

We completed half of our "Bowl Goal" today. I forgot and gave Monte his bowl full of food before we left for West Towne. However, we did remember to hand feed Cooper when we returned. We made great progress on GET DRESSED and HEEL, only two cups of food :-)

West Towne was the location for our first Madison Area Autism Assistance Dog training. Max, Porter, and Juno joined us for our first attempt to lead a group of puppies and puppy raisers. As Ernie warned, "It's not as easy as it looks." It was difficult to hear, the puppies were at different levels of training, we had not spent much time with the puppies prior, and I tried to fit five years of experience into one session. Hopefully we will get a second chance.

Learning #1: With a group of four dogs and spending time with each puppy/raiser, next week we can better focus on the individual needs of each team.
Learning #2: Cooper was the only dog with a pronged collar. An order has been placed and we should have three sparkling collars and three happier puppy raisers next week.

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