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February 17, 2012

Tag Along

Cooper had another doctor's appointment today or more accurately he accompanied his boy Mac to his appointment. Sometimes Mac like to hold the leash and guide Cooper and other times we use Cooper to lead. In the process of changing physicians, the visit included a medical history which took two hours, seemingly endless for boy and dog.

It was good practice for Cooper to essentially be in a STAY for that long. It wasn't just laying around though because Cooper's job will involve being a calming influence and providing a means to distract repetitive behavior. So Mac spent a portion of the visit lying on the floor with Cooper rubbing his ears - calming for both.

Bowl Goal Update: We completed hand feeding both dogs today. Cooper received a refresher on yesterday's commands GET DRESSED and HEEL/FINISH with moderate success. He was completely food focused and would often run through his repertoire searching for the desired behavior. Monte's basics are pretty good so we did some remedial training on the PLACE command with a bit of work on UP/OFF the sofa. About halfway through, I combined the PLACE with the doorbell; he's starting to use that as an alternate prompt.

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