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February 21, 2012

Return Visit

Our second visit to Chloe's house went well. We did not make it in the house, but we did remove the glass barrier (door). It was a tad colder, so we worked from the garage. We were at one end of the garage, opposite the entry door where Chloe sat and observed everyone interacting with Cooper. Her brother and a neighbor were making bubbles, Chloe joined in, and eventually walked past him at a distance of six feet - steady progress. We made a few more videos that included both Chloe and Cooper.

When I returned home, it was time to test Monte's recent training. I rang the doorbell and he immediately went to his PLACE - success. We used his dinner to practice some more and then Cooper worked on HEEL, to earn his dinner. He is doing great, hopefully we can show off his new behavior on Wednesday.

BTW, Cooper has been sleeping in a different room. Discussing crate placement with Liz this weekend, I was reminded that our trainee's sleeping location has been stagnant. It was time for a change, which he has adapted to without issue.

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