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February 15, 2012

Food Bowls are for Perfect Dogs

Cooper completed his Teenager Training class and received a diploma to prove it. He is ready for the next class whether it be Intermediate or Canine Good Citizen. We are trying to figure out which one fits into our many schedules.

A couple weeks ago our trainer at the Dog Den mentioned something that she picked up at one of her educational programs, "Food Bowls are for Perfect Dogs." The meaning of this is that we as dog trainers are missing out on a perfect training opportunity with our canines - meal time. Instead of plopping a full bowl of food in front of your puppy, use each piece of kibble as a lure to teach a task or reward for a task well done.

Caring for Labradors, basically walking stomachs, for the past five years, this advice hit home. However, I have yet to follow the advice. It's not that I have a perfect dog, it's that I am too lazy to spend thirty minutes working with and feeding my dog.

One tip to change a bad habit, start a good habit, or achieve a goal is to inform ten people of your intention.
My goal is to feed both Monte and Cooper one of their meals each day by hand, working on obedience.

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