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February 28, 2012

I Aint Afraid of No Dog

Cooper's Autism Assistance training has been progressing without a hitch. The focus the last couple weeks has been visiting Chloe's house in an attempt to work through her fear of dogs. If the last three visits are any indication, she is well on her way to overcoming her fear of dogs or at least she is very comfortable with Cooper. She and Cooper have traversed the entire house together: dancing upstairs in her bedroom and playing downstairs.

Everyday our visit begins with Chloe providing Cooper with food and water - the other day she was feeding him by hand. This afternoon we were greeted with a brand new food/water bowl and a toy that she had purchased at Animart. The presents were great, but were overshadowed by the trip that our little girl made to the pet store WITH OTHER DOGS. Her mom reported that their visit went extremely well, considering where she was just ten days ago.

Cooper loved his new toy and held onto it as he was led around the house. We took a walk outside and eventually ended up back in Chloe's bedroom with a big yellow dog on her bed. While snuggling on the floor, he proceeded to give her their first "kiss" (without incident).

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