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February 1, 2012

Ups and Downs ... 2

Wednesday   Before we started our planned training today, we received a call.  Mac was going to see the eye doctor concerning a recent infection. Should be thirty minutes in and out, no problem.  There was just enough time before the appointment to squeeze in our daily trip to the village hall to ride the elevator, which went well.  Now how would he do on a different elevator.

We met Mac and Russ in the lobby.  Cooper was excited to see them - recognition. Our group approached the elevator at the eye clinic without hesitation.  Mac helps me with the leash to lead Cooper from place to place. No major issues ascending nor descending, but I did notice some brief worry in Cooper's face. He is improving and generalizing.

The thirty minute short visit turned into a three hour training session.  The eye infection turned out to be the remnants of a piece of metal, what the doctor called a Rust Ring.  In between the four different examiners and dilation, Cooper and Mac had lots of time to interact.  In addition to being near for petting and redirection, Cooper jumped UP in Mac's chair a couple times to help.  And Cooper's wiggle always gets a positive response.  From my perspective, boy and dog performed admirably given the stressful situation.

The good news is that we will see Mac tomorrow. 
The bad news is that it will be at the Children's Hospital to surgically remove the Rust Ring.

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haopee said...

Wow, this Rust Ring sounds scary...

Well, I'm glad Cooper didn't have any problems with the short detour.

Huggies and Cheese,