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July 10, 2012

Stationary Training

Chumley accompanied us to an outdoor concert.  With the exception of Cooper, all the other dogs have gone to a live music concert.  Our trainee was well behaved walking to and from our seats.  The loud music from the Elvis tribute band nor the applause was a problem.  However, we did identify an opportunity for improvement - stationary training.

Up to this point our focus has been on getting him comfortable in various situations, basic obedience, and being friendly to others - always moving about.  He has not been out to eat or at a location where we were sitting for any length of time and he was required to stay DOWN.

He appeared restless and would not or could not get comfortable.  Although there were many distractions (dogs, kids, bugs), that didn't seem to be the cause.  I think we just need to get him in more "stationary" activities.  That means more dinners out.

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