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July 27, 2012

Quick Study

We took Chumley to visit Cooper's friend, Chloe, this evening.  She is the young girl that is terrified of dogs.  There are only three dogs that she accepts: Cooper, Monte, and her new neighbor puppy.  So we were planning for the worst, but hoping for the best.

Upon our arrival, she was not happy to see Chumley, even though he sort of looks like Cooper, he is not Cooper.  Eventually she came outside to see Chumley and gave him a quick pat on the back and immediately turned around and scampered back into the house. 

Oh well, that first meeting went much better than Cooper's.  Chloe quickly returned with two bowls.  One filled with water and the other filled with bubble bites (cereal).  Chumley lapped up the water, but wasn't thrilled with the cereal.

We can add another dog to Chloe's list of canine friends.  She rubbed Chumley's back and walked him down the sidewalk.  Eventually, it was no big deal that he was there - perfect.

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