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July 19, 2012

Mall Workers

Wednesday was our training day at the mall.  This week we ventured to Janesville in a thunderstorm.  It was wonderful to see and feel moisture falling from the sky.

Each puppy was worked through a mock Canine Good Citizen test to identify opportunities for improvement.  Everyone left with a few items to "proof", but for the most part the teams are progressing well.

After the CGC practice exam, the  puppies fell into position to practice their most common behavior:  a DOWN STAY.  They need to be especially good at this because the probably spent 80% of their working life in this position.

With the exception of Chili, the difficult part is getting them to stay, even with distractions.  Even the train rambling by did not upset our mall workers.

His issue is responding to a DOWN command, but once there he is rock solid. 

Note Chili at the end of the line; just being goofy.

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