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July 1, 2012

Week One - Chummy

We have made it through seven days with Chumley.  While initially a little worried that taking an eight month old puppy was not a good idea, he seems to be a step or two behind, but a quick learner.  He has been responding to verbal DOWN commands and usually listens when we tell him to get OUT of the kitchen.  We should have him ready in three or four months.

Yesterday he enjoyed an hour of playtime at the Dog Den.  He has a wonderful play style: interested in small dogs but not overbearing and a good balance of submissive and dominant play.

As we develop our routine and trust, we are more comfortable taking him on more outings.  So far he has gone to the pet store, hardware store, blind society, drug store, and tonight we were so confident that we took him to the grocery.  We have noticed a preoccupation with Monte, so we will be making a conscious effort to segregate their activities.

Not a fan of the name "Chumley"; it is growing on us.  Although a different name might be more appropriate, Shadow, as he follows Lisa wherever she goes and frantically searches for her when she is out of sight.  He probably gets called Cooper 25% of the time.

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