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July 13, 2012

Lights and Sirens

Watertown is the location of our annual puppy immersion program.  The local police and fire departments  assemble fifty vehicles for the kids to investigate.  They are allowed to sound the sirens and flash the lights. 

Chumley was interested the first time he heard the siren as we walked up.  The roar of the  sirens was constant and it didn't take long for them to become background noise.  He wasn't even phased by the helicopter.

In addition to the the lights and sirens, the event offered a great opportunity to interact with children and adults.   As we stationed ourselves between the vehicles and children's activities, we were an easy target.  Chumley and his pal Taxi were constantly being "bothered". 

By the end of the evening he was exhausted and only wanted to rest.  He slept through our dinner, which was perfect stationary training.

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