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July 9, 2012

Play and Train

I think the heat is harder on the animals than on us humans. Our canine activities have been very limited.

Saturday morning was play time at the Dog Den and all three wading pools were constantly in use.  Chumley would jump from one to the other trying to get other puppies to play. We had planned to go shopping after playing, but he was drenched - not proper for a service dog. 

The heat wave broke in the evening, so we took Chunley out to train at the Stoughton Fair.  He did wonderful as we walked through the carnival with the whistles, buzzers, and screams.  I was most impressed that he seemed oblivious to food on the pavement.

The barns were a somewhat different story.  He was interested in the varied sights and scents.  A high degree of caution was displayed as he approached the larger animals; he would quickly retreat when they moved toward him. 

Not bad for our first time.

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