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8/4 Lake Mills
8/12 CCSDA Training

July 18, 2012

Official Photo

Chumley has been taking it easy the last week or so.  The oppressive heat and a flare-up of panosteitis have limited his activity.  On the good side, it has allowed him to put on a few pounds.  Monte has also gained some weight.

This didn't stop us from trimming his nails, which he is becoming more agreeable to.  Going a little stir crazy, one night we took him to the library, grocery store and drug store - all air conditioned with cool tile floors.

Training has been progressing well. He will SIT, DOWN, but will not maintain a SIT if he gets tired.  He loves to work and enjoys GETTING DRESSED and has a wonderful recall.  We are working to build his confidence.

Note:  It was time for an updated ID card and blog photo.


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