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September 26, 2010

Changing Lives - Updated

View the Graduation Video or the Photos.

After three and a half years and over one hundred training classes, we have something to show for our attempts to raise a guide dog puppy. It required a lot of help from Ernie, Marlene, and Michelle, but we were finally able to personally participate in a graduation ceremony. Banjo graduated as a Children's Visual Companion Dog.

He was rotated between three families to allow him more varied experiences and to maximize his reign of terror. He seemed to be on a mission of destruction.

Frequent readers of the blog may remember his many exploits. From weddings to the White House, he left a trail of destruction (early months) and accomplishments. He travelled the country honing his skills and teaching us be better trainers.

Banjo's new accomplice, Brooke, hails from Combined Locks. Brooke and her parents have volunteered to take on the difficult task of keeping Banjo on the straight and narrow.

His current mission is to "Change Their Lives".

Unfortunately our photos were not very good. The cause was either the low battery or moisture in our eyes.

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Barb said...

Bajo, you are a rock star! Good luck in your new life.