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September 18, 2010

We Are Back

Monte and I have been incommunicado for a few weeks. He was spending quality time with our trainer and returned "home" last week. Upon his return his body was chiseled from the daily exercise routine - twenty minutes on the treadmill. It was also apparent that he had been working on STAY, BACK, and pivots.

The day we picked Monte up, I injured my back and spent the next week recovering. Needless to say we didn't work on much as I was sleeping eighteen hours a day and I missed his training classes.

With our family back to normal, we began our pack's evening walk on Friday. We practiced his obedience as we strolled though the park. It was great to be outside again and to see what Monte had learned during his retreat. After dark, we walked over to the high school to experience the activity of a high school football game: PA announcer, screams, whistles, traffic, food, ...

Today we tried to fit in a week's worth of shopping into one day. Monte met a few canines at Mounds where we had to purchase food for the first time this year. At the grocery store, he found a family of Lab Lovers who showered him with love as we began and then again at the checkout. We stopped by Farm and Fleet to pick up some Tylan powder, anticipating the need as we change Monte's food. Unfortunately they didn't have any.

We concluded our day with a walk to the park and then some off leash time to burn off some physical energy before dinner. Monte loves to run and may have as much energy as Echo. After dinner and a nap, we were able to quickly trim his nails. A perfect day.

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