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September 24, 2010

My new job.

Hello, it's Hailey again. I had to stay home all day on Wednesday and got bored, so I thought I'd write about what I've been up to, but my mom has been really busy, so she's just now getting to the computer part.

Last Saturday, I had a LONG adventure with my mom. We went out for dinner with some friends, and then they all went walking with me in a neighborhood I'd never been to. I really like my mom's friend, and she took me jogging a bit, which was tons of fun. I don't know why my mom doesn't jog with me. Then I went to this friend's house, and it smelled like CAT! I tried to find the little creature, but it wasn't anywhere. I sniffed around the perimeter, but nothing! I saw the cat through the door last time I was there, but apparently it moved. Anyway, then I got to play with the people. I was getting hungry, and thought we were going home to eat, but then we went to this thing called a movie. It was really dark, and sometimes got really loud. I tried to sleep, but I was SO hungry, it was tough. By the time we got home, it was nearly midnight, and I hadn't eaten yet. Everyone said I did really well at the movie. My mom thought it was a little scary at times, but I didn't see what that was all about.

I also have a new job. It's real tough. I have to hold the floor down for my mom while she works. Sometimes when I get tired of holding the floor down, my mom calls me over to socialize with people, which I really like. Anyway, I'm getting really good at my job. Yesterday a police officer came to check out the building, and he didn't even know I was there until he saw my wiggling nose. And today I managed to keep the floor down while I whole lot of people tried to get the computers running. They failed, but I was a smashing success.

Anyway, that's my new gig. My mom has also taught me to "find restroom". I'm really good at that one. I can find it from our office, or from outside the office building. My mom says it makes her feel a little funny to be walking down the hall saying "find restroom" repeatedly and praising me, but I think it's fun. I've also almost got "find work" down. And "go lie down". That means I have to take my post holding down the floor. So, those are my big updates. I'm liking this work gig...I think being a working dog would be a pretty good deal. Much better than making sure the house doesn't run away while the people are out.

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