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September 25, 2010

Splash 2010

Before this afternoon's celebration we had to exercise our current charge. Having attended the last three Pooch Fests, in Janesville, fifty degree temperatures wouldn't keep us from this year's event. We arrived early this year and shared the wading pool with a dozen other dogs.

As time passed, Monte tired (a bit), and the pool filled with canines. The weather kept the humans landbound, while the dogs enjoyed the freedom to frolic and retrieve on land or in the water.

Monte played well with all the other dogs. As has been previously reported by others, Monte is a hog. Previously it was bones; today it was tennis balls. Regardless of whether a ball occupied his mouth or not, Monte had to have the ball being carried by another dog. He followed them until the ball was released and then would grab it and run away. You see Monte loves being chased.

We cut our aquatic adventure short to hurry home to prepare for Brooke and Banjo's party.

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